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Want to Build a Better Connection With Your Horse, But don't know where to start?

Get the guidance you need to build a better bond with your horse
using proven training methods that are easy to follow.

Find methods and videos for:
  • Through Common Issues and Problems
  • Softness and Collection
  • Ground Manners
  • ​Good Trail Behavior
  • ​Trailer Loading
  • ​Deworming
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE!!!

Does your horse constantly spook or scare you in other ways?

We have all been there...

Riding somewhere new (or even in the same place), when all of a sudden out jumps a deer, a plastic bag, a scary rock!

Your stomach jumps into your throat, you hang on for dear life, and you hope that your horse doesn't bolt away.

What if you could take that worry away?

What if your horse would look to you instead?

Here is just some of what this training video series offers:

  • Build a Foundation: teach your horse how to respond to pressure the right way
  • Desensitization: expose your horse to things that would normally cause them to spook
  • Easy to Follow: every lesson is easy to follow and understand

Also Available: Get One of our Free Books

Do you want to start your own young horse?

This is an exciting adventure!

Building that bond from the very beginning and training your horse exactly how you want is a rewarding endeavor.

There is nothing better than riding out on a horse you trained yourself and know everything about.  Building the foundation yourself means that you know nothing was missed.

Have you ever ridden a horse that seemed bombproof, but then something triggers a reaction out of nowhere?

Things in the foundation got missed!

Some of what this training series offers:

  • Learn how to start a young horse
  • Exercises that build a proper foundation
  • From ground to saddle: what to do and what to expect

What makes this video training series worth having?

Knowledge is Power

Knowing what to do when you go out to train your horse allows you to be in control of what your horse is learning.

Knowledge is Communication

Being able to communicate with your horse will reduce the risk of issues arising due to miscommunication.

Knowledge is Horsemanship

Some of what this series has to offer...

  • Knowledge: coming from starting hundreds of horses
  • From Start to Saddle: teaches you from the beginning
  • Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Instruction
  • ​Young Horse: shows you how an unexperienced horse works through the program 

To Send A Horse To A Trainer, It Can Cost Upwards of $1,000/mo.

Today, You Have The Opportunity To Have LIFETIME ACCESS To This Lesson Series

For ONLY $297

  • Building a Proper Foundation
  • How to Start a Young Horse
  • Groundwork & Under Saddle
  • Over 50 Exercises to Work On
  • Over 3 Hours of Video Training
  • Lifetime Access to the Lessons

What Other People Have Been Saying...

Melody Garner-Skiba, Vice President of Rocking Heart Ranch

Finding a reputable trainer that understands the needs and mind of a horse can be challenging. Every horse is different and training methods need to be able to adapt. This is what we have found with Joel, he adapts to the horse and its needs. We have sent him horses with all types of personalities, and he has worked with each of them to find a successful way forward which is setting them up for the rest of their training journey to become solid partners for their owners. The value in his program is this adaptability as well as his consistency and patience with the animal. Our ranch is proud to have Joel as a winner of our Colt Starting Challenge and we recommend him as a trainer for your equine partner. 

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